We currently have three different airplanes at our disposal and while they are far from being the biggest or fastest airplanes but they get the job done.

Good old ZT

The first is the good old Cessna 172 show above.

Cessna 182

Here is the slightly bigger and faster Cessna 182

Piper Arrow

The third option is the PA28R-200 or Piper Arrow

All of these are simple and inexpensive airplanes to fly but they lack room and speed. These planes will easily carry 5 – 10 animals in crates if they are all small but larger breeds requiring crates can reduce the capacity to 1 or 2 animals at a time. Medical patients are limited to one patient per flight and we may need to turn down a request if the patient needs an escort or special equipment. The denial of service is related to the space and weight carrying limitations of each airplane.

All of the planes that we currently use are rentals but we have plans to purchase a larger aircraft in the future to better meet our needs. Maybe, if we are very fortunate, we will receive a twin or large single engine as a donation.