Mission and Facts About Us

Angel’s Wings Transport provides safe, fast, and cost-effective air transports of rescue pets, providing welfare-related transports to people who require medical care in underserved areas, and providing transportation for wounded warriors so that they may live at home while being treated at a Military Treatment Facility that can be hundreds of miles away.

Angel’s Wings is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that relies upon donations and grants to perform our transports.

Why We Are Unique:

  • Exclusive use of our own aircraft.
  • Ability to fly coast-to-coast in one day.
  • Ability to fly internationally.
  • Cost-effective: average per animal cost for transport is $300

Animals we transport:

We primarily move dogs and cats as there are the most open homes for them but there is no restriction on the type of animal to be transported.

We are currently able to transport 5-10 animals on each flight. The number depends upon size of the animals.

The animals ride in the cabin with the pilot, secured in animal carriers, so they are at safe, comfortable altitudes with proper climate control.

A requirement for transport is that the aircraft is full so that we maximize our donated funds and save as many lives as possible.

By using private or corporate planes, we have the ability to fly into not only commercial airports, but also small local airstrips.

There is never a fee to the sending or receiving organization.

We are a registered Washington State charity.

Federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status granted effective August 2015

Serving: WA, OR, CA, ID, MT

EIN: 47-4874470

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