Welcome to Angels Wings

Angels Wings Transport was formed after our founder witnessed a sad situation. Our founder is a retired member of the military and, while still serving, was participating in what is known as an Honorable Transfer of Remains. This event happens when a member of the military dies and needs to be transported home from either a war zone or a duty location that is simply away from their home. During a transfer in Spokane Washington, it was discovered that the Soldier’s parents would not be present to escort their son to Montana because they couldn’t afford to purchase gas for their car. The only people present for this Soldier’s arrival were the passengers on the airliner, the aircraft crew, the Military Funeral Honors team that performed the transfer, and the Funeral Directors that were transporting the remains to the funeral site.

This is unacceptable.

How to Help?

When looking at how to help these service members and their families, it was apparent that even with roughly 10,000 military funerals happening every month nationwide, support such as this was non-existent. Planning for situations like the one that prompted the formation of our organization began to seem impossible and assistance beyond pulling a few dollars from the Funeral Directors own wallet seemed remote. This is when the idea for Angels Wings came to be. The initial idea for Angels Wings was simply to provide a resource for those that needed help saying goodbye to their loved one but it quickly grew and was pulled into a much larger area of need.

With request for support coming from every conceivable area, it was decided that Angels Wings needed to focus on a few specific areas of need if they were to be successful helping anyone.

Why We Are Unique

  • Exclusive use of private aircraft
  • Network of pilots throughout the region
  • Ability to fly internationally