Angel’s Wings Transport exists

To ensure that no wounded warrior, veteran, or affected family member:

  • is denied access to medical care due to distance

  • is unable to acquire a service animal due to distance

  • is unable to be at their Soldier’s bedside or attend the funeral of their Soldier due to insufficient travel funds

Other Veteran Services:

  • Morale flights for Veteran’s in need

  • Flights for Airman/Soldier/Sailor/Marine of the Quarter or Year

Angel’s Wings is committed to supporting Veterans of all periods from the oldest WWII vet to the youngest recruit. You do not need to have deployed to a war zone or have served during wartime to benefit from our services.

Our missions can be conducted in a variety of ways:

Angel’s Wings Transport, like all nonprofits, is at the mercy of donors. While we desire to help everyone with a financial need, from time to time, a lack of funding may limit our ability to provide services.


General Aviation flights are donated by the aircraft owner and depending on what is available and what the mission requires, may be provided by a business jet or a small single or twin engine, propeller driven private plane . This allows Angel’s Wings the ability to pick up our guests in their own home town and possibly land closer to the final destination then a commercial airliner will allow.

Commercial airline tickets are donated by the airline, purchased by Angel’s Wings Transport or provided by airline employees through a donation of their flight vouchers.