Angel’s Wings serves a wide variety of needs. All are intended for situations in which the passenger cannot afford to purchase commercial airline tickets, or when travel by land or commercial airline would be a physical hardship.

Our flights generally fall in to one of these categories:

Medical Transport
Flights for travel to and from medical treatment. Patients with all medical conditions that are ambulatory and medically stable are accepted.

Flights for those persons traveling to provide caregiving for an ill family member or friend, and travel to visit a seriously or terminally ill family member.

Blood, Organ, and Tissue Donations
Transport of blood, blood products, organs and/or tissue to and from hospitals or other agencies.

Disaster Response
After floods, earthquakes and other disasters, Angel’s Wings can dispatch aircraft to the disaster site to help relocate displaced residents, to transport small amounts of relief supplies, and to transport rescue workers and/or search dogs.

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