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Month: January 2017

I have the Disneyland tickets for the 2017 contest!

Today was an exciting day for me. After a long day at work I checked the mail and what should I find but 4 Park Hopper tickets from Disneyland! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. While I didn’t expect them for at least 2 weeks, I couldn’t help but wonder how people would feel about entering a contest to win a prize that they couldn’t see with their own eyes.

Sure, there are people that would put their faith in us to deliver the goods that we promised but I was beginning to worry about stretching the limits of trust that our supporters have in us.

 I also worried about what would happen if the tickets were lost in the mail or didn’t make it by our requested date….

Disney had very specific answers and procedures to follow so I wasn’t too worried about being able to produce the promised prize on time but you never know.

Well, we don’t need to worry anymore as Disney has delivered as promised so we can begin our contest on 1 Feb 2017 as scheduled.

Starting on 1 Feb 2017 we will be tracking donations and registering entries based on the donation amount. More information and details will be provided on the 1st so stay tuned!

Donate at the lonk below and automatically be entered to win!!!

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Disneyland Tickets Up for Raffle Starting 1 Feb 2017

Park Hopper Logo Disneyland Fastpass Tickets




We will be selling tickets in person at various locations around the Puget Sound and will post our locations, dates and times on this page, our Facebook page, Twitter account and Eventbrite.

We will only be selling 500 tickets at $5 a piece and we expect them to run out fast!

The drawing will take place during a live video stream on our Facebook page in April.

Good Luck!


Donate at the link below or our Facebook page to be entered to win!

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Thank You Disneyland!

Disneyland has graciously donated 4 1-day Park hopper tickets worth $660!

Disneyland at night

These tickets will be raffled off in the near future with all proceeds going to support the Angels Wings mission.

Stay tuned for more information about the raffle, how to purchase tickets and when the final drawing will be.


More information and instructions!

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