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Month: February 2016

Board Members Profiles Are Available

We have added 2 bios for our board members with more becoming available monthly. The bio gives a short description of who the person is and their background and includes a photo.

The bio page can be found here: Board of Directors Bios

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We need your old blankets and other pet items

We are collecting donations of used blankets, animal transport crates, dog / cat food and basically any other animal care items that people would like to donate.

What are we going to do with these items? Well, one part of our mission is to provide transportation of animals from high kill areas to areas of high demand. This requires some basic animal care items that we will normally pass along with the animals instead of reusing them for the next transport.

Why don’t we reuse everything?

Well, we reuse everything that we can but it is easier on the animal if it can retain items that it has become accustomed to. Blankets and small chew toys are the most likely to remain with an animal while crates can normally be reused if they have not suffered any damage.

We also require dog and cat food so that we may provide a meal during the move and for long term care if fostering of the animal is required. We have partnered with other local non-profit rescues to provide fostering when able as well as individuals that are willing to open their homes for a night or two.

Please contact us to arrange for pickup of your donated items.

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Spreading the word about Angel's Wings in Astoria Oregon

We had the opportunity to get out and spread the word to both pilots and animal lovers in the Astoria and Seaside Oregon areas over this last weekend. Our first stop was at the Astoria Regional Airport (KAST) to talk with the staff at the FBO. The Port of Astoria manages the small FBO and has fuel, coffee, snacks and a warm smile to all that walk through their door. The staff was more than happy to talk about what we do and offer to help spread the word amongst the local pilot community. There has traditionally been a shortage of pilots that are able to link Northern California to Oregon during relay type of transport missions and we hope to close this gap!


We also tried to talk with pilots in the Seaside area but the Seaside Municipal Airport (56S) is a small airport with a large gate that restricts admission to those that don’t have an access code. Go figure that we would show up when the airport was quiet and mostly unattended. Even though the airport was a bust, we found that everywhere we looked we found people walking dogs around town. We handed out a couple of dozen flyers and made some good contacts in the local community.

Help us spread the word! Download one of the flyers and pass it around to your friends!

Angel’s Wings Flyer

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